MoonBikes was born from a fact: there's no easy mobility solution in snowy environments. After two years of R&D, 3 different prototypes and (many) hours of tests, we now have the first electric ultralight snow vehicle.

Nicolas Muron

Founder & CEO

October 2018
2016 - First drawings
In parallel with his work at Dassault Aviation, Nicolas draws the first lines of what is today MoonBikes.
2016 - started in a kitchen
What is better than a kitchen to built a prototype ? Simultaneously, Nicolas was working as an aerospace engineer at Dassault Aviation and building a first prototype on his free time. Gradually, the kitchen left place to the workshop : Les Inventeurs in Paris.
Things started to be serious and step by step a first functional prototype came to life. When Nicolas realised that he was standing in front of something that could become more than just a personal project, he quit his job and started to work for this project full time. 
Later he join the startup incubateur created by Xavier Niel, Station F. At this point, MoonBikes was just behind in the rear mirror.

MoonBikes Motors is officially created by Nicolas Muron in October 2018. At this time MoonBikes had just left Station F, for the startup incubator of the Arts et Métiers school in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.

Stardust one
November 2019 - first Preserie

At the end of November 2019, we assembled the first rover of our preserie. Parts made by industrial partners were put together and Ranger 0001 came to life. We are really proud to work with french industrials.

This preserie will be tested in the french Alps by pilot ski resorts during the 2019/2020 winter. 

December 2019 - startup chalet

The first step on the road to the MoonBikes Giga Factory is ... MoonBikes Nano Factory. Our rovers are assembled in the Alps ! In the village of Saint-Nicolas de Véroce, MoonBikes had built is first "factory". 6 meter square of machining, assembling and innovations.

The MoonTeam is living for the 2019/2020 winter in the Nicolas' family chalet right next to the factory.


February 2020 - First sale & meeting the president

First sale ! MoonBikes has made its first sale to the SERMA of Avoriaz. A good snowmobile alternative, the MoonBike "Ranger" now allows the SERMA personnel to respond quickly, significantly decreases the downtime of ski lifts, increases the availability of personnel and limits the movement of snowmobiles in the station.


Meeting the french président Emmanuel Macron ! MoonBikes is proud to have had the opportunity to present its products to the French president. President Macron was enthousiastic throughout the presentation, and ensures its support towards our development.















our team

Nicolas Muron

Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO of MoonBikes, former aerospace engineer

Thomas Marichal

Mechanical engineer

Junior engineer @MoonBikes

Christopher Santerre

Industrial designer

Designer of MoonBikes and cofounder of L'Increvable

Agathe Jaillard

Engineer assistant, INSA Lyon

Student at the INSA Lyon and Dublin Trinity College

Emma Bousquet-Pasturel

Engineer assistant, UTC

Student at the UTC in mechanical engineering


MoonBikes Motors

Arts & Metiers Incubator, Paris, France

Saint Nicolas de Véroce, French Alps, France


​Mail : contact@moonbikes.co

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